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“Educating law students for professional service while working to meet the legal needs of the community”

The Legal Clinic at Ƶ was found in 2003 with a commitment to combine education and service in the study of law.

Its primary purposes are to train high quality lawyers for practice and professional service in a fully functioning law office inKyrgyzstanandCentral Asia; to increase access to legal services in the community; and to study and understand the public policies and institutions that most directly affect lower income individuals and families. In conjunction with the ƵInternational and Business Law Department, the work of the clinic is aimed at solving social problems by providing free legal help to the socially vulnerable part of the population.

Objectives and Principles

The main objective of the clinic is to provide legal counsel to the population of the Republic by giving written and oral explanations about general questions of law, and help in filing claims and other legal documents; by representing clients in Civil law court and other state organizations; and by preparing documents and other necessary legal materials.

The main principles of the clinic are:

  • legality;
  • protection of human rights and freedoms;
  • availability to everyone who needs help;
  • good faith in performing work;
  • confidentiality.

The clinic provides assistance in many areas of law as following: civil law, labor law, family law, inheritance law, and business law. Services include advising, letter writing, legal document drafting, and client representation both in the court of law and in actions with government departments.

In 2010, along regular civil law type cases, Ƶ Legal Clinic had a major success story of a Public Interest. At the Supreme Court Legal Clinic defended and held the victory for the right of residents to house land plot.

As of 2011, new project has been launched within the Legal Clinic. Legal Clinic established Human Rights Project. The Project aims at training Human Rights lawyers inCentral Asia. Under the project the Clinic initiates to cooperate with NGOs and International organizations to tackle systematic violations of human rights inKyrgyzstan. Students are envisaged to help in legal research and appliance of international legal mechanisms of State’s accountability.


Kunduz Zhylkichieva

Director of Ƶ Legal Clinic

7/6 Aaly Tokombaev Street
Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic 720060

Tel.: +996 (312) 915000 + Еxt.
Fax: +996 (312) 915 028